Creating objects for your home


Standard sizes  |  Custom sizes to suit every interior or space  |  Designs can be scaled to suit


Standing Planters


Abstract Stand - R450

Hairpin Stand - R350

Double Circle Stand - R300

Basket Stand - R300 ~ R450

Plant Tray


Plant Tray - R350

[includes pots & plants; plants will vary from photo]

10mm plywood

Hanging or wall mounting option



Pot Sleeves - R60 each

Pot Sleeve Circular Detail - R60

Pot Sleeve Heart Detail - R60


Standing Planters


Lotus Planter - R130

Dome Planter - R200


Skeleton Planter - R150


Fat Leg Planter - R130


Skinny Leg Planter - R150


Solid Leg Planter - R150


Pot Trellis


Deco Trellis - R120

Bauhaus Trellis - R150


Pop Trellis - R180


Deco Trellis





Hanging Planters


Moon Planter - R150

Geometric Planter - R150


Skeleton Planter - R150


Airplant Shields

R 150 each [incl. plant]


Until the end


Collected Patience - R175 each

Tropical Patience - R175


Cacti Patience - R175


Home Pieces


Dot Table Set

Tribal Table Set


Capsule Table Set


Wreath Table Set

Tropical Table Set


Fynbos Table Set


Cacti Coaster Set - R100

Floral Coaster Set - R100


Tropical Coaster Set - R100


Server Bat - R200

Server Bat - R200

Cake Stand - R280

Cake Stand - R280

Engraved and Dipped Wooden Spoons

R 65 each



Engraved Cutting Boards

Price on request




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